this is happy

One Wednesday, maybe 6 years ago, we had a famous author to one of our ‘famous’ JORO dinners. You remember these ¬†Wednesday night dinners where anyone of us could invite anyone who had become interesting in our lives, a friend, the postman, a teacher, a boyfriend, a new pal, an old pal. It was my way of having my life and family bigger not smaller than it once was. This is happy.

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the uninvited guest

A note fell out of the pocket of my favourite boy’s pants and it took my breath away.

It made my heart race.

It scared the wits out of me.

It left me confused

It was this.

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sadness of strangers

I was walking with a group of teenage girls, down by the water on a beautiful spring day, when a man walked by holding hands with two adorable tiny little kids, one on each side of him.

He was tenderly but matter of factly stating the new program.

That is right, some days you will be staying with mommy and some days with daddy.

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