does your husband have a dolly?

I practically live for double entendres.

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reframing tradition

no dieters allowed -annual cookie exchange

no dieters allowed -annual cookie exchange

I love traditions especially the ones of December. But traditions, like life, have a way of changing. You can hold on for dear life or you can update.

A group of us do a cookie exchange every year. We make and then takeĀ 12 dozen cookies each. It is always weird to me that others will say What on earth are you going to do with 12 dozen cookies?

cookies everywhere

That is a dumb question.

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full of thanks


I am thankful for





and paths that change in seasons

and people who I have known a lifetime

and people I am only getting to know now

and difficulty (not too much at once please)

and family – every last one of them from the littlest to the biggest and the newest to the oldest-

and the way we are like each other and the way we are not

and crackling fires

and stacking wood together to loud music


and traditions

and unconditional love

and cocktail hour

and old cheddar

and the morning’s first cup of coffee

and life’s surprises that don’t hurt

and irony and sarcasm and humour

and jeans that stretch

and that moon.

And homemade soup.

and silence

and noise

and rich cake

and taking stock.

And that moment when you have to do something hard and you are so nervous and the one after, when you are through it.

And my daughters who do everything better than I do

especially singing

This one, here – who will be singing at Safari this week – 3 consecutive sets starting at 7 pm. Join me please- I will be the one in the corner crazy excited. She will be there every Thursday but the kick off will be the most exciting. Message me if you can join us.


And you, the readers of my blog. Every one of you.