10 things people do with their wedding rings

1. Threw it from a bridge into deep water below.
2. Swallowed it in a drunken stupor between tequila shots
3. Never wore one so getting rid of it was real easy
4. Took to jeweller  and made them into necklaces for daughters
5. Sold it and bought living room furniture
6.Cut it off with wire cutters
7. Gave it to a homeless beggar
8. Flattened it on a train track like a penny
9. Auctioned it on ebay and went to Vegas.
10. While in Vegas with said money,  remarried.

I did not do anything that funny or dramatic but my engagement ring just sold at a jeweller. It gives me an odd feeling like it is going on to have another chance at life. Click here


The dictionary definition of Asunder is “into parts or pieces, widely separated especially in space.”

In February, I was interviewed by Rachel cave, CBC, for Asunder, 11 part show which began airing on Monday. I have listened to this show and I think it is beautifully done- all corners of separation and divorce are visited and exposed. It is raw and human and inspiring.

One of the things that Rachel and I discussed was my piece on Caricatures of Divorce. She asked me why this behaviour frightens me. It made me think and the answer was clear. It is easiest to be pulled down by sadness and loneliness and this must be resisted at all costs. Garbage in -garbage out-This is true about all areas of our life-what we read and watch, what we eat and very most importantly, the relationships we nurture.

Entertain the negative and the negative entertains you.

The caricatures I write about depress me. I can’t stand their embrace on the victim culture. I don’t dare think that little of me as that would make me that little.  If we are given one life, to reduce it all to a cliche, a cartoon and a caricature is the saddest option I know.

Besides, cliches have a way of swallowing the individual whole. And who we are, at the end of the day, is all we have.

Tune into Asunder-it is excellent and you will like it, married or not.