stuff my teenagers teach me


Me to daughter and daughter’s friend home from University-

“Anyone interesting at school these days? Anyone you like on your floor in residence?”

“What? No Way. That is verboten. No one believes in floorcest.” Continue reading

I like you

This is a funny thing to say to someone you love but it is worthwhile. You know – like is often seen as the cop out to love– that  ultimate trump card emotion.

You always love your children- it helps the species survive.

But to actually like your children is a marvellous thing and worth saying. (let’s face it- we may not always)

I have been spending more time than usual alone with my eldest touring Universities and yesterday in the car I said- “I want to tell you something I have been meaning to tell you  for a while”

I could hear her GULP like a frat boy chugging beer.

“Hey, it is not something bad” I tell her.

“I like you. I like who you are and  how you are. I am so impressed with you.You are amazing”

This  is always worth repeating. Why don’t people do this more often?

It would be so convenient to not like her right now because then I could  let her go so much more easily.

I really always liked my dad and really love him too. So this makes saying goodbye and hello very hard these days. Click here for what I am struggling to be better at

deep throat or orgasm

Okay now that I have your attention, I was at Sephora recently wanting to replace my blush. A friend had told me a long while ago that Nars had a great colour that would suit everyone called orgasm. I approached a darling salesgirl and told her I was looking for that (who isn’t). She took me to the appropriate counter and tried the colour out on me on my left cheek. Hmmm, she said in her best outdoor voice, I think you might be more of a deep throat. She proceeded to try that colour out on my right cheek.  I told her if she kept this up I might not need any blush at all as I was doing well on my own. As she was clearly a professional, she started calling on her colleagues in a loud voice “which one do you think she is? Deep throat or Orgasm?” We were drawing quite a crowd. I went with deep throat, a decision not requiring committee.

Many social commentaries have pointed to the idea that our society is overtly sexualized. I can’t imagine where they get that from.

I did not and could not possibly make this up. Life is stranger than fiction.

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