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A very long time ago, when I was still married, a friend was over and opened my fridge to get a beer.

Inside was a can of that really foul (fake) whip cream that my kids sometimes beg me to buy.

The friend said Look at you! So wild! 

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10 things people do with their wedding rings

1. Threw it from a bridge into deep water below.
2. Swallowed it in a drunken stupor between tequila shots
3. Never wore one so getting rid of it was real easy
4. Took to jeweller  and made them into necklaces for daughters
5. Sold it and bought living room furniture
6.Cut it off with wire cutters
7. Gave it to a homeless beggar
8. Flattened it on a train track like a penny
9. Auctioned it on ebay and went to Vegas.
10. While in Vegas with said money,  remarried.

I did not do anything that funny or dramatic but my engagement ring just sold at a jeweller. It gives me an odd feeling like it is going on to have another chance at life. Click here


                                    coming to malls in your neighbourhood soon

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