speed kills


my best friend and I talk about this problem all the time- we move too quickly, without thinking, we break things, hurt ourselves, spill stuff, put our feet in our mouths

of all the things I am that I would like to pass onto my kids – this is not one of them

this morning my daughter, a normally bright and clever child, put a fork into the blender to get the frozen stuff to move-it rained pink everywhere, the blender is broken and the fork is bent. On the bright side, she still has all her fingers.

Good morning.



Oh yes, taking after her mom. And in this way too, unfortunately. Click here for my ugliness revealed 

2 thoughts on “speed kills

  1. I did that last year with my immersion blender and my fingers – be happy you didn’t spend the morning in emerg! I am still hoping this incident will result in the magical appearance of a Vitamix complete with plunger that keeps your pinkies far away from whirling blades.

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