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25 thoughts on “subscribe to my blog

  1. Hi i just wanted to say u have helped me and my family get over a nasty situation being the child in this dispute was not easy but by reading your blogs its helped alot

  2. I would love to subscribe I am a friend of your brother Doug he has sent me a link before and I tried to subscribe. Hope to receive this. Thanks

    • Hi Sue! Welcome to my blog. If you do not get a new post in your inbox in the next 3 days there may be a problem with how you subscribed. Let me know. Hope to meet you one day-n

    • Hi SueI would love your company on my blog. Just follow the directions on the right side of the post- I can’t subscribe you unfortunately

    • Hi Erin
      I would love your company on my blog. Just follow the directions on the right side of the post- I can’t subscribe you unfortunately

    • Hi Brigid- I am just seeing this now- Not sure if you have been successful- hope so. If not please subscribe by clicking on the subscribe button to the right of the home page
      let me know if you have problems

  3. Hi Nancy. I am 6 months now legally separated. I’ve enjoyed reading many of the stories, and can certainly relate to many of them. I’d like to subscribe. Thanks, Maureen

  4. Nancy I am a friend of Dougs, I have tried to sign up for your news letter and it never seems to work for me…Today I got 3 different e-mails with the comments from 3 other women , but still no blog each month. Cany you check from your end and see what is the the problem. Thanks Sue

    Doug has sent me several issues in the past and I really enjoyed reading them. Happy New Year.


    • Hi Pam
      I can’t sign you up unfortunately- please go to the right side of the page of any post and go through the two step process. Lmk- if you have any difficulty. Thank you!

  5. Nancy,

    Thank you, I think your posts have done more than years of therapy have accomplished. My parents divorced when I was in college. My youngest sister graduated high school this afternoon and a rare gathering of my parents and grandmothers happened over Mexican food and margaritas. When we left, my dad’s mom said to my mom’s mother, “I have missed this”. Watching my grandmother’s cry over our family was heartbreaking and inspired a google search when I got home. Your words and stories have given me hope that my dad, the girls, our family can find our way through the pain and enjoy the moments we get to spend together – as the new families we have formed.

    Thank you – I hope my father can one day hold a similar outlook on his new life

    • Meghan
      Thank you for finding my work on a tough day and letting me know it made a difference. That means so much.
      I too hope your dad can find a positive outlook.
      best, Nancy

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