surrender the crap

Of all the things that have helped me in life – one of the biggest is my ability to believe that tomorrow will be better. Sometimes when things are really difficult or too much, I do what I can and then I get into bed that night and surrender the crap.

I try hard to pass this notion onto my children but I wonder if belief in it is part luck, part organic, part nurture and part nature.

The depressed and anxious don’t have this inclination. They fear today, they worry about tomorrow. They have no peace.

I am so thankful that I am able to have this ability. I would love to pass it on to everyone.


Amanda Todd did not have this peace. Please click here for my letter to her and watch her video. Whatever you take from it try to have a more compassionate day- the world needs it- and if your day is tough, get into bed tonight and surrender the crap. Doctor’s orders.

5 thoughts on “surrender the crap

  1. So true. I love your honesty, humour and fresh outlook on life…it’s a ray of sunshine on a wet & dreary Monday. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I too try to surrender the crap. So much of what we worry about it out of our control anyway. I was not always like this though – there were times of no surrender, but I hope that I can stick with it and coach my kids through tough times in their lives.

    So glad you wrote about Amanda. It is so sad. Unfortunately as kids spend more time with social media than they do actually socializing I think it will get worse. So much easier to bully from cyberspace.

  3. After a crazy few days of just too much going on and trying to be brave and strong and positive, I can surrender the crap and and keep moving on.
    Cheers to you Nancy!

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