still celebrating- month 2

This year I am celebrating my birthday a different way each month.

If that sounds selfish, self-centered or indulgent, so be it.

Last month I had a big girl party with loads of friends and family. I just loved it.

This month, I am having a few dinners with my favourite short people- some of my favourite artists who I love so much.

The invitation has been met with wild confusion- “What? You want to keep them after class for dinner? You have an empty house and want to fill it this way?”


It is this month’s gift to me.

Stay tuned. 10 delicious months to go.


In one of my celebration months I am running a marathon. Ok not a marathon, a half marathon. Ok so maybe I exaggerate- perhaps it is only a 10k. But I want all of you on my team – come run away with me. Or at least sponsor me. It is for a good cause beyond the de jiggling of my butt.

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