how we are the same


When my best friend asked me what I wanted for my big birthday this year- I gave her an unexpected response.

~joyful  art studio for children summer 2013~


‘ I want to go on a canoe trip with friends’

She was a little surprised.

You see I have not been on a canoe trip since I was 14.

She sent a note out to all our pals  from school to see who was up for it. Before it was sent out I guessed with 100% certainty who would want to come and who would respond with “WTF?”

Why didn’t I wager serious cash on this?

The other day over lunch my mom confided in me that she seriously considered asking if she could join us.

The woman who irons the sheets at the cottage?

And then it hit me just how we are the same.

Don’t tell us what we can and can’t do or what we will or won’t like.

Don’t you dare tell us we are too old for something.

We hold dearly our ability to do the unexpected and surprise ourselves with what we might like.

Life is for surprises. Life is for never saying you are too anything to try something new.


So after this canoe trip, I will have another trip which will carry the thing I love most in life after surprising myself- SWEET JUXTAPOSITION. Come take a look at where I am going and for goodness sake remember that it rhymes with tree