in her ‘nothing buts’

I went to the gym yesterday morning early with my daughter.

A woman I see most mornings was there again as she always is.

It occurred to me that she looks a certain way all sweaty and totally different when I saw her on the street.

And then as we went around the corner in the locker room, there she was again. Only in her ‘nothing buts’.

She had nothing – I mean nothing- on but her sneakers.

I may have stared a bit.

My daughter experienced PTSD.

Things were not as they seemed. At all.

First of all, it was like she was 3 completely separate people. One sweaty, one dressed up, one in her nothing buts.

Suddenly, I felt for men who always seem to be one person. We always know what we are getting with them. They must be a bit shocked when the curtain goes up.

Secondly, It may be important to redistribute my memo again. Certain things must not be included with the nothing buts. Let’s add athletic footwear. And the little socks with the pom poms. Take a look and take note. 



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