gone fishing

Thank you for letting me know you missed me.

I missed you too.

I took some time off from work and writing, so I could love it more on return.

I got to know a hammock,

I read two (whole) books, I ate too much, I drank too early in the day, I stayed in bed late.

I went biking, hiking, kayaking and even tubing on a long river.

I ate with 5. I ate with 4. I ate with 2. I ate with 1.

I stared at the clouds.

I loved the pink in the late day sky.

I only showered here.

I was totally aware of the moon and stars every night.

I picked wildflowers.

I looked at this view for so long that I began to favour a certain tree and check in on a certain bale of hay.

drats-no paints with me


I listened to the birds.

and smoked a few cigars.

I swam until all four of my bathing suits were wet.

This is summer happiness.

I wish for all of you that you have had some too. xo




Remember how I said I had not missed my girls? Well, that was beginners luck. I missed them like crazy. They are with me now but sleeping. How can they sleep so much??? Why can’t I wake them up??? I need to squeeze them until it hurts.

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