going home

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This is not anything more than an observation. It does not make me sad in the way you think it might.   I am often shocked at how happy I am, as though I am  waking up each day to every possibility .  But when I walk into my home I must turn on the lights  and bring in the energy.  I do love entering a home in mid activity, with something cooking and some excitement before me.

On the way home, my friend beside me in the front seat, I listened to the way she spoke to her husband tenderly directing him to the dinner plans and the things that needed to be done. She listened to his stories of what she missed. I sat quietly thinking ‘what the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?’

My phone rang as if  in response to this question. It was my dear friend and neighbour (see family is content not form) asking me if we could join her and her daughters for dinner. She is roasting chickens, making salad and I will bring potatoes, veggies, strawberries and cold beer.

I am going home to someone.

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5 thoughts on “going home

  1. Since getting divorced in December, the thing I had a problme with at first was not having a partner to help out when life gets jammed up. He was my best friend and the one I called for everything and anything. He just always knew what to do when I needed help. I’m only just learning that it’s okay to reach out to friends…you’re a great inspiration!

    • patti- I know what you are saying but if you let people in you will see the whole family that you have. thank you for your comment and for subscribing. best-n

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