not pretty

Owen says Nancy, my mom showed me your story about my goals. Big smile. Slight blush to cheeks. But that was not my first set of goals- I threw out the first one.

What did it say?

I want to make it through puberty.

Ha! That is funny and I don’t blame you, it is not easy. What do you think is in store for you after puberty?

I am going to be a dad. 

Wow. You would be a great dad. How many kids would you like?

4 kids. Two boys and two girls. No actually, no girls. My dad has friends whose girls dress like princesses like every day. Who wants that?

Turns to his friend seated beside him and says I know how you ‘make kids’. It is just… well it is really…. it is totally… (shaking his head trying to find the right words)… it is NOT PRETTY.


art studio for children selfies

art studio for children selfies

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