the usual

Let’s say you have a boyfriend.

Let’s say he has really wanted you to meet his parents and you think that would be neat too but unfortunately they are both long gone.

Let’s say you find out he has been going to the same barber for 40 years (and you resist the temptation of saying hey that is weird math-you told me you were only 40)- wouldn’t you say – my goodness I want to come with you. This barber is like a key to all your past selves. He must hold all your secrets and stories. I want to meet your barber! I want to come with you!

And your boyfriend looks at you like you are crackers (again) and you say come on you must tell him everything over the last 4 decades, how cool is that, he must be like your breathing scrapbook!

And he says

Actually he greets me with Hi and then I say Hi and then I sit down in the chair and say

The usual.

And that is pretty much it.

I resist the temptation to be sexist but herein might lie all the XX and XY differences.

Just ask my hairdresser.

therapy with a haircut

therapy with a haircut

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