from basement to boardroom

I have a brand new tightrope.

Doesn’t everyone?


I bought it to use for work. I have taken my work from the basement (studio) to the boardroom.

Last month, I facilitated an art team build at a Toronto marketing firm. We began the day with mindfulness training and moved into tightrope walking.

A tightrope is what most of us are on. Below us lies the three ring circus we call life. We cannot control the uncontrollable, we can only control how we respond and how we behave regardless.

How do we maintain our balance, stay centred and focussed in a busy life?

This fabulous team came up with their ideas manifesting in self sculpture artwork to wink at them and remind them in their offices, while the circus we call life tries to distract and push us down.

Take a look at a few examples.

steady SW

chill SW copy

happy SW

breathe SW

bingo SW

wonder SW


relax SW

I am so excited about this new venture. I continue to be grateful for all opportunities to share my passion.

Please reach out if you want to hear more and in the meantime- eyes forward, chin up and breathe deeply.                     art studio(not just) for children

A cold beer and another shot at the tightrope at the end of the on site.

A cold beer and another shot at the tightrope at the end of the on site.

(Thank you JM for believing in this project! You walk a mean tightrope always) We want to bring more colour and creativity to your life

2 thoughts on “from basement to boardroom

  1. Nancy,

    I love this new project. Wish I were still in corporate life. The “reminders” to live en suite is such a fabulous concept as so much of team motivation and training is too soon forgotten. Once the word is out, you’ll be busier than you can imagine!

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