when the teacher stops teaching

yellow flowers PS art camp June 2015

the magic happens

We have a few rules in the art room (some apply to real life)

-Don’t say finished! Or I’m done! It makes everyone feel they are in a running race.

-Instead, do what I call statue of liberty. Paint brush up high in the air, take a moment.

Then take a step away and come back with fresh eyes. Do a museum walk to see other’s work. See what’s missing or feel its complete. Don’t narrate the experience.

-Go with what you know, that gut instinct.

-Serve yourself.

-Whatever you do don’t ask me if it’s good. That is a four letter word and not up to me. You decide. Please yourself (but don’t be lazy), go for great.

-Enjoy the process.

-Be proud of the outcome.

During a recent art camp, I captured it on film. You might not believe me that it was completely unrehearsed. I just started filming. And did my best to shut up and give no direction. They knew what to do.

(Need to work on the domino effect. You can see the moment the artist in red knows she is happy with where she is at, declares it in her way and creates a wave of influence and clears the room out!)



We all want some rules and some freedom, we all want the bar high and we want know what is expected of us.

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