for themselves

I always thought it was laziness but I have now come to realize one of the most mature things a parent can say regarding their kids is

They will have to figure it out for themselves

(I have never been that mature. But there is always hope)

You don’t say it when things are going smoothly, you say it when everything or, in a good stint, just something is upside down, and you are trying to turn it right side up and the child is leaning away preventing it from being ‘righted’, like you are all underwater needing to do the eskimo roll to turn the vessel and she/he is resisting. You come up for air because you must.

Letting them do it their way or find out organically that they may not be headed in the right direction  is practically impossible for some of us when we know how hard worn our wisdom is.

We are finally so smart.

We know so much. (Because we have likely messed up enough times)

We get it.

Why won’t they listen?

Oh yeah. That’s right. We didn’t either.


hey mom and dad chill out, I have it all figured out

hey mom and dad chill out, I have it all figured out



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