the uninvited guest

A note fell out of the pocket of my favourite boy’s pants and it took my breath away.

It made my heart race.

It scared the wits out of me.

It left me confused

It was this.

bridgeIf you are really brave, take a closer look.

bridge 2


bridge 3

The only thing I recognized was the square root of 3.

What was the square root of 3 doing here, all uninvited, with us on our holiday? #buzzkill

I had to confront him.

What the heck is this? Are you unwell?

It was his notes for a bridge he was building.

I thought it was some kind of a joke. Or a sign of insanity. I have seen A Beautiful Mind more than once.

I speak French and Spanish fluently and can say this bed is too soft in Italian. I don’t speak Math.

In fact, if I was building a bridge my notes would look like this.

bridge nm

Do opposites attract? I am going to have to say yes. Does his bridge hold up? Yup.

Am I good at math? Heck no and sometimes my life suffers as a result. But I am good at this.


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