Several years ago I went to a therapist (the good one, not the strange, odd and flakey ones I needed to speed date first) not because I felt off but to make sure I was as on as I could be.

If we can walk by plants day after day and not know they are dying, it might be the same of ourselves.

I want always to be my best. Better than best. I begged her for a solution other than time because I am always impatient for ultimate happiness and wellness.

She got out a piece of paper and I got really excited.

Ooooh I love solutions.

Would it be a name of a doctor? Miracle worker? A magic potion? A book? Perhaps needles stuck everywhere and a side order of hypnosis? A delicious drug program with only gorgeous, fabulous side effects?

She scribbled something quickly.

And with all the anticipation of a blind date that comes highly, highly recommended- I grabbed it and read it outloud


I looked at her and said Are you kidding me? This is it? I was pissed.

She said Try it. Say it to yourself when things are tough.

And I did.

I found it in my bed side table yesterday.

I thought I would share it with you.

You might be surprised.

I was.


It has occurred to me of all the fabulous, beautiful and lofty things we really want for our children (and ourselves)  peace is everything.


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