distracted by life’s best moments

The best part of a big birthday year is all the celebrations. Last night we celebrated you as today is your day.

You covet and nurture the things you love better than anyone I know; your children, your family, your friends, your music, skiing, little cottages on big rocks in beautiful lakes, sunsets, your dogs, backdrops, delicious homemade food, original thought, skinny dipping, full and interesting characters, plots that run deep, weather, authentic travel and the retelling of all the hilarious things that happen to you.

You have a little room in your house that is dedicated entirely to music.There are instruments and sheet music and books about music. You honour, treasure and covet the things that you love.

You have more traditions than anyone I know. You do things with your whole heart. It is impossible for you to not feel deeply. You are smart and ambitious. You have built your own company with all that you are. You have built your family and your world on all that you are.

You get lost driving to places you have already been to more times than I do.

Once you and you- know -who went for a long walk by the water and you both wondered on the return, where o where are those car keys and they were in the ignition with the car on for the entire two hour walk.

You are a girl who gets distracted by life’s best moments.

One day you sat at my table and cried hard about something difficult in your life and our girls (who love love, love each other in that great way because they are enough of you and enough of me that it could not have been helped) came up from the playroom and they saw your blotchy wet face and said what is wrong and you said quickly, trying to protect them from your sadness, I am allergic to cats and Charlotte said we don’t have a cat  and we both laughed so hard we fell off our chairs.

When I separated – you asked what can I do and I said I think I better get a kitten for my children. You did all sorts of research and at the last minute I said  I hate cats! I need a dog! and then you looked tirelessly for a dog. Soon we all agreed a puppy at that time was a mistake. You laughed about it. Did I thank you? I have no idea. Thank you. Do you know what it is like to have someone who would do anything for me? You are tireless in your life and your friendships.

You sit quietly and take every situation in and all eyes turn to you for your thoughtful insight. You have unique wisdom. You are honest and true. You are good when no one is looking.

You love your life. You deserve the happiness you have made.

Happy birthday, beautiful girl.  I am so, so, so outrageously grateful you are in my life.

5 thoughts on “distracted by life’s best moments

  1. Wow. i don’t think i know the person in this post. Not only would i now like to know her…I would like to BE her! Happy Birthday whoever you are 🙂

  2. Jen, this is so true. Happy birthday my friend. we are all lucky to have you in our lives!

  3. Nancy…..thank you for this. I have saved it in my emails and treasure it, along with everything you write. You inspire us all to do better, to be better.

    • Nonie- thank you for reading and commenting! The world owes you gratitude for raising this amazing person who has brought so much to all of our lives. Thank you thank you thank you. I think always about what your daughter would do and it guides me! oxoxo

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