you need a man right, nancy?

Finishing up a workshop the other day, two seven year olds remained in the studio.

One had wanted to add a kitty to her Family Tree because they had gotten a kitty since she completed her Tree with me last summer

The one with no cats looked at other’s tree and said Where is your dad? Why isn’t he in the Family Tree?

Without missing a beat, she responded, I don’t have a dad.

Where is he?

I have never had a dad.

Everyone has a dad. How were you born if you don’t have a dad?

They cut open my mom’s tummy and there I was. They took me out and I was born.

Artist with no kitty says You need a man right, Nancy? You need a dad! That is so sad!

You can’t tell someone else that their something is sad. Every family is different and every family is the same. (slight riff on Tolstoy)

That was all I could come up with.

And then I told the moms You will be talking about more than weather in that car ride home.

It’s never just about the art.

a happy family

Hey, are you dying to have one of these? Everyone needs one to help celebrate their version of  family. I am doing a two day workshop at the LOFT Gallery in Clarksburg this summer, July 18 and 19. Details to follow!

And surely you are coming out to the NTGA tour this weekend- come see me in my studio. I will have cookies. And cold beer.

2 thoughts on “you need a man right, nancy?

  1. I loved this post so much. Thanks for providing such a different perception to how we view divorce and separation. I am currently undergoing separation which will likely end in divorce.

    On a related note… I found this website to help with uncontested divorces: … I was wondering if you had any experience with something like this and can provide any insight? I would appreciate it very much! Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Jordan
      my apologies for the delay. Thank you for your kind comments. I am so sorry for your split and I wish you peace. I don’t think i can provide you with much info on uncontested divorces. I have been so busy with my life and work that this blog has been on hold. I hope to return soon to write again.
      I wish you peace, N

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