Everyone says  it is too late to wish you a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

I know I rarely write any more but I do think of you often. 2016 was my best year in business in part, I think, because I ignored you. I am sorry about that.

I wanted to share one of my favourite quotes from 2016- it was said off the cuff, at 6:05 in the morning this past fall, at BOOT Camp. Picture 45 women on a track at a local school working their little butts off- in the dark. Each bringing, like a set of extra weights, their  lives, their struggles and joys that are so inherent to being this age. Just to add humour, picture also that some drunk teens graffitti-ed a 5 foot hard dripping super happy penis on the track, the night before. This offends some and makes others run faster. For secret training, there is a skunk who likes to cross just in front of us as we run.

Unrehearsed and quietly, over there in the corner someone said,

It is too early not to work hard

This stuck with me. It is so easy to say the opposite ‘it is too early to …’

Trying to make it all count in 2017.

Best to you from the best in us xx


4 thoughts on “early

  1. Thank you. Nice. “Too early not to” also applies to yoga in the early morning, although you don’t want to push it, just really be it. Plus it’s too early in the year not to wish HNY to everyone you haven’t seen since Dec. 31. And so, definitely not too late. Have a great year, Nancy!

    • Hi Toby- (thinking this is your nom de plume?) Thank you for your wishes. Did yoga this morning at 7 with two pals and I have to agree-very nice start. Wishing you the best in 2017

  2. Nancy I love those little pop up quotations! Maybe once a month?
    This last one sticks with me too.
    Wishing you a very good 2017 too.

    • Thank you Sue. I will try and hopefully you realize that your daughter was leading this boot camp along with Karine! xx

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