Around my birthday I often think about why I started this blog.

I wanted to work through some stuff out loud.

I wanted to normalize and minimize my ‘hard’.

I wanted to write.

I wanted to share to mend.

I wanted to be seen and heard. I wanted to be held accountable. I wanted to be better.

I had no idea that my attempt to crack open all my hard stuff and all my tender stuff  might give my children permission to do the same. I have no idea if that is the case.

Last week Charlotte was asked to speak at Queen’s Bell lets talk kick off alongside her new pal Clara Hughes.

It is worth sharing.

What bit do you need to share to mend?


2 thoughts on “permission

    • Thank you Annie. Yes very proud that she is bravely exploring her interior life and using her compassion to help others and create change. Thank you xx

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