amor fati

Sorry for my absence. I have missed you. I have been out in the world doing brave things. And boring things. And everything in between. Likely you too.

This is too good not to share. Plus we three are on the cover of a little magazine next month and MFNB is mentioned so I am motivated to breathe a little life back into it in case of a traffic surge.

Amor fati is a love of fate. It is waking up each day knowing any bad s#@t can happen and all we can control is our thoughts and actions. Amor fati is a decision to love both our bad moments and good. After all, the bad moments are the ones that serve up the largest buffet of GRIT, GROWTH and GROUNDED-NESS. You can play the victim or choose to dig in.

Often people will say to me ‘Blah blah blah, after all you have been thorough.’ And I can’t ever understand what they are referring to. I always think my life is enviable so it shocks me to believe anyone could see it any other way. But then I get to thinking and remember oh yeah, I have had a bit of life. Not sure why I would focus on that. Interestingly, given the opportunity, most of us would choose our life all over again, bumps and hardship thrown in.

Amor Fati.

Take the  perspective that whatever has come our way, might have been a gift. Why not choose that mindset?

When tragedy strikes, we never think that it might be saving us from something worse-Churchill.

Love your life. The lessons are in the toughest moments. Trust you are stronger than you know.



(I adore it so much I used it on the camp t shirts for this summer! Can’t wait to teach littles to love fate, not hate)


9 thoughts on “amor fati

    • isn’t it great Andrea? I have to admit when I say it out loud I do think “love your fat” which also is probably not a bad idea xx

  1. A happy surprise to see you here again Nancy. Loved the article in the Lawrence paper. I’ve just sent “Amor fati” on to a friend who will benefit from it. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you Nancy,
    For helping others look at world in such a positive and beautiful way!

    I choose to kick the hell out of option B!

    Warm hug!

    • Thank you Mary. You, in fact, are an inspiration to so many.
      Happy summer to you and your family xoxoxo

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