a little bit naughty



I was at a car wash yesterday and a police officer came in with dark glasses and a serious face and stared at me  with what I thought was his mad face for way too long while I was chatting with the cashier.

I looked at him and said ” You know, we all have this thing where when we see you guys we freak out and our hearts stop instantly even though we can’t remember the last time we broke the law. ”

He looked at me , straight, serious and with a let’s take her down to the station face,  and said ” Oh, I think you have been a little bit naughty”

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anything new today, sweets?


I try not to put added pressure on my kids- I think there is way too much pressure on them – and all of our kids-already.

This, of course, except when it is  something I want that they want too. Then I burst at the seams with excitement and hope and fingers crossed.

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10 days till Christmas

I love Christmas. I always have.


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