my obedient body, my disobedient will

iPhone art work by my niece Katie

Ok all hecklers, naysayers, and  told ya so ers step to the back of the bus.

I wrote about giving up cakes, cookies, cupcakes and candies for the month of January to honour my obedient body which works  well and is  healthy and strong.

Things went remarkably well until book club weekend and the celebrating of a good friend’s birthday and delicious homemade berry bark appeared. Seeing as it did not start with “C” and it is very bad luck not to share b day sweets with a good friend, I went for it.

I have a tendency to create  rules as I go along.

Subsequent sugar coated days included my daughter’s birthday and my own.

I knew I was likely going to cave when one night I ate 4 cherry flavoured children’s Vitamin C’s because I was dying for something sweet but did not want to break my oath.

Slippery slope.

ok so I am miles from perfect but I make up for it in passion – I just spoke at an AGM about finding our passion and want to share a bit of it with you. Click here.

sh@^ my mom says

If my teenagers had to tell you about the “sh@^ my mom says” (sorry, that is harsh but  it has been normalized by the book ‘sh@^ my dad says’ which is a NY Times Bestseller and not a great book, IMHO) this is what they would say I say pretty much daily-

be the ball
you bring the weather to the picnic
I feel so alive
feel the sweat on my back from my spin class/ run
did you say I don’t look a day over 30 ?

pantsuits are for old people, funerals or people who don’t like their bodies

I could eat you you are so cute and delicious
the other moms are jealous because I get to be your mom
no he is not my boyfriend

right where you left it
did you clean out your lunchbag
make the day great

this is what happiness looks like

no, I am not stressed just busy

does anyone want the green jubjubes

you are dangerously sassy

your room scares me

this was inspired by my friend Sara who posted what her 3 year old would claim she says frequently

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overcoming fear

One of the benefits of getting older is you can chose what you do and don’t want to do. This  of course is awash in a sea of doing many things you don’t want to do but have to do.

I don’t need to do calculus, go to night clubs, hang out with people I don’t like, wear pantsuits or conservative clothes or care too much about what people think. I don’t need to eat cabbage, sweetbreads, monkey brain or go to bed early. I dont need to do homework, gymnastics, swim lessons, hall monitoring or piano lessons but I need to do other things I often don’t want to.

A couple of weeks ago a friend I have been spending time with told me what we were going to be doing last night. He had planned it out.

I did not want to do it

I was scared to do it

I totally feared the idea actually

I said “If you make me I might hate you and you might find me ugly”

I wanted to say “no”

But I did not

I said “yes”

Partially because I could and partially because it was hard and partially because don’t we need to push ourselves to feel more alive ?

So what did I do? Well I have never been a social climber but I was one last night. Click here  to find out what I mean