Towards the end of my marriage, vulnerability scared the wits out of me. I felt there was much others knew before me, I felt a loss of control of my own life, and I tried everything to make myself avoid vulnerability.

Over the last 4 years – I have found myself  excited and fascinated by my own vulnerability. The more I put myself out there in my work and personal life, the more I have felt a feeling that I am alive. If something scares me then I chose to do it. If I am  afraid of rejection, I pushed and continue to push myself to allow that possibility. If I am afraid of loss of the privacy I so cherished when I was married, then I work to expose myself. if I was worried about criticism, then I try to  open myself up to it.

The more I did these things the more I felt my own power. The more I allowed myself to be vulnerable to failure, rejection and criticism the happier and more alive I felt.

I cannot explain it beyond that. But my own vulnerability  terrifies me  thrills me.

Dr Brene Brown calls vulnerability ‘the birthplace of joy, belonging, faith, creativity and love’ – see what she has taught me about the price of invulnerability by clicking here.

flaking out

To fall asleep so deeply in the heat of the summer sun after a cool swim where the body is both cold and hot,  dry and wet-is as sublime a pleasure as any.

(art work

sometimes nature creates the most amazing things- click here for my favourite tree- it is something else


Imagine this is the  project- you have to design an outfit that you will wear to an award ceremony for an award you are nominated for and sure to win. Maybe you have found a cure for cancer, or you are to receive the Pulitzer, an Oscar, a Gemini or the Nobel Peace Prize.

You paint a self portrait with acrylics and then using a beautiful assortment of details and scrap booking paper, you create a collage.

And then you present what you have created to the group

This is what she wore to receive her Olympic Medal in sailing. Way cool.

And to receive her Oscar in Best Supporting Actress. Tres chic.

and this is the gown worn when she received the Award for Excellence in Design

 and this one for the Nobel Peace Prize

Had to share. I just think this was a really inventive project and the girls at the Art Camp this past week loved it. And the little girl in me too.

Check out the large canvas project we did last week by clicking here. I am really proud of the students work and how they turned out-