bloom where you are planted

I have lived in many different places and been happy in all of them.

Wherever you are, there you are “

Open the windows,  turn your face to the sun. Let yourself bloom. We have waited all year.

(this post is dedicated to my mom- the master at blooming where she is planted. She has taught us well)

Why does changing my glass door to screen  make me very happy?- click here , it won’t hurt.

my cup of tea

I had a bit of advice from  an old friend when I was getting married. She said – that after a long day and you plop down on the couch that you should turn to your spouse and say

“Do you feel like a cup of tea?” (insert wine, martini, glass of water)

And he likely will say “yes”

And you should say “Me too.”

And then you should not get up.

Ummm. She is divorced and so am I.

(Actually, I never really took it to heart but I thought it was funny. My father never knew where the cups were kept so I thought it was a perfect antidote)

What advice did you get? Did you follow it?

The  other piece of advice that I got pre marriage, was to hide all purchases under the bed. Never did that either but I cannot tell you how many women gave me that advice- It helps that I hate shopping- click here for my idea of fun shopping

self love

another good quote for today on self regard (by one with a little less tragedy than MM)by clicking here