QT, wet pigtails and the glory of the last 10%

There was a hush over the land.

It was QT.
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the salon of the refused and desirable difficulties

I  love teaching French Impressionism to children in part due to my love of imperfection (yes, it comes so easily to me) and because of my respect for desirable difficulties. And also for the scandal that surrounded the innovation.

Children today are anxious in ways my generation never dreamed possible. Impressionism expects fast, excited strokes and the layering of colour that makes both the process and the outcome joyful. When one child spilled paint on another’s canvas, it became a happy accident that could be exploited. A dirty paintbrush with paint from a different colour is desired, even required to create the layering of colour.

Plus plus plus, I get to tell the story of how the Impressionists were rejected year after year by the Salon- the most sought after proof that you were accepted into the Parisian Art Scene. The Salon found their paintings too whimsical, too filled with light, too colourful, too fast and too suggestive. They were offended, even scandalized  by them.

If I had to choose a style of painting to be, I would choose this.

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make good choices

I am afraid I am one of those people who really can’t stop from boasting when I make a good choice, especially one that is 100% vegan, organic, low fat, gluten and lactose free.

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