hockey night

When I was ten I played on a hockey team. I think I played hockey as badly as I acted.

This week, amongst all the fabulous out of the box events I had with work, I had an International Hockey Team  in my studio.

10 incredible women, a few bottles of wine and art late into the night.

I liked all these women immediately and seeing as I am trolling the world for new and interesting ways to honour the next stage of my life– I am taking their request for me to join their team quite seriously.

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feisty angels in our midst part 2

I walked into a first class yesterday of 17 kids  at a local school really excited to do my recent favourite project.

It was sculpture. I often lead with sculpture.

The best way to mix clay is pull it apart and put it together with your hands.

Little beautiful creature with ants in pants jumps up and says pulling clay is hard for me because of my little hand.

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use it or lose it

What do a women’s hockey team, a group of incredible 7 year old boys, a good looking firefighter and his son, 67 graduating grade 6s, 30 grade 1s, a budding 7 year old artist wanting to make a gift for dad’s office, a snail, an elephant, a green giraffe, a turtle, a yellow tree frog, a snake, a bunny, an eagle, an amorous couple on a date, a group of 9 year old besties and me all have in common?

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