I don’t know where to begin with the really cool things that have been happening lately. I want to tell you all of it. I am having such a hard time deciding what to leave out to not make you bored or cranky, so I have decided to tell you all of it.

Get comfortable.

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little girls play big girls with purses and lipstick and high heels

then when you get to be a big girl you long for bare feet, no purse and the natural beauty of being a little girl Continue reading

what to do or not to do on a first date, depending


birds of a feather collage -art studio for children 2012



I recently saw  this  list of things not to say on a first date if it is going well but I realize maybe they  are also the things to say on a first date if you want it to be the last- see it as the list to always have on hand

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