we love weather

This post is sponsored by Ontario Tourism. All content is true, based on Nancy’s personal experience.

Winter seems like a distant memory now given the very Spring like weather we have had now for over a month. (Except for today-see the look of shock on the tulips’ and daffs’ faces?)

Even given the mild Winter we experienced, I am always amazed at the way people complain about Winter. Or any weather for that matter.  I love  a fierce Winter so I actually feel a little short changed this year . Winter, it seems, is just like any bit of adversity. The best way to get through it is to go through it – not avoid it or run away from it. Or curse it.

I gave up our  ski club membership when we separated. I wondered briefly what we would replace it with- but seeing as how being resourceful is my strong suit and winter is something we all love- we started looking at our city and what it had to offer differently.

We went back to skating outdoors in the evenings on public rinks. One night in particular we were on a rink in our neighbourhood completely alone for an hour. Big fat snowflakes fell in abundance all night. It was pure magic. After a couple of hours we went home and had hot chocolate and cookies. The during is wonderful about Winter in Ontario but the after is truly sweet.

We visited parks where my teens played like little kids with their friends. Nothing complicated. Just fresh snow and imagination. Always better than the mall.

Every year we build a luge run at our favourite hill  and tobbogan down it for hours.

But the greatest gift came 4 years ago when I bought some snowshoes for all of us- these go everywhere we go. There is a ravine and park 5 minutes from our home and in the Winter it is quiet under the snow and a perfect spot to go snowshoeing. You only need 1.5 hours – it is a great work out and it rhymes with tree.

When the epic snowstorms hit in our neighbourhood you can see people cross country ski on our streets! I love this.

Get outside. We live in an incredible part of the country. Everywhere is your playground when it snows. And I guarantee it if you embrace Winter fully, spring will be sweeter in every possible way. When Spring hits you feel like you really deserve it because not only did you survive but you thrived.

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the 6 men in my life

“I keep six honest serving-men, They taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who”.


– Rudyard Kipling

And you thought I was going to give out names and numbers? Besides, see how one has already gone missing.

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the two sides of the heart

This was a gift she gave him

It is  two sides of the heart that fit in to each other, and compliment each other and feel right together.

She found it at an art show and thought only of him. It was a treasure and she gave it to him to remind him of their love. He will admit he didn’t ‘get it’ but liked it anyway

They do many things together- swim, travel, play bridge, work out at the gym, ski, sit on boards, actively work in their communities, play tennis, collect art and scuba dive.

They are in their late 70’s.

When we had drinks at their place last week- I watched them as I do people who seem happy and happy together. I collect ideas for my life as two. I am very good at one.

I saw the way their long, two seated desk area was built up against the big window facing the ocean.

I looked at it and thought about them sitting a little apart but side by side working on various endeavours,staying active and curious and young, with this incredible view.

I thought about them scuba diving- now – and how that pushes hard against aging.

I thought about the gift of the heart that fits just right-together and apart.

I like what I saw.

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