Chinese food for thought

If there is light in the soul

there will be beauty in the person

if there is beauty in the person

there will be harmony in the house

if there is harmony in the house

there will be order in the nation

if there is order in the nation

there will be peace in the world.

Chinese Proverb

With this bit of thinking I am  sending  a  heartfelt note of thanks to all of you.  I launched this blog one month ago today and in that time you have visited it 4,365 times (the day is not over yet and 5000 hits is pretty and round…). A huge show of support-thank you. Let me know when I am driving you crazy(not including my family, as their threshold should be higher) or when you disagree. That is good for me and will be good for my blog.

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no guts no glory

Last night I went to hear Heather Reisman interview Elizabeth Gilbert for her new book Committed. Elizabeth Gilbert is extremely known for her triumphant post divorce journey, both  geographical and spiritual, Eat Pray Love. Her story has been documented in over  5 million copies  and in 30 languages . Film rights have been sold and  she is being played by Julia Roberts and her lover by Javier Bardem. Although I am not normally prone to jealousy, it is killing me that  she gets to neck with my fantasy boy,  if even one step removed.

The evening was sold out and populated by a largely female audience. It is true most men and many women would have far preferred the  tremendously exciting hockey game. Sports fans likely not  her demographic.

I did not go to hear her being interviewed as much as to somehow get the opportunity to meet her. She is a woman who un  self conciously  shared her story without trashing her marriage or her ex husband and overcame the  depression and aimlessness that can often accompany this life change. Plus she is self-deprecating and very funny.

Her moment of glory was when she said that we all wander the earth with a list of what we want the other person to be. She said we should be more working on who we are and becoming the best that we can be.  Basic but brilliant stuff, worth chanting  at daybreak everyday to ourselves and our teenage daughters.

Our seats were at the back  and there were several hundred people between me and her. She was not noticing me in the slightest. At the end there was a Q and A but I had to leap over a few dozen rows to get to the line up. I wanted to be discreet but I really wanted to meet her more . In the end I never got to ask my question as they ran out of time. Good thing as I had no idea what I was going to ask her.

The book signing was next-  my book in hand, I stood in line,trying not to push, with several hundred people. We would not have time to chat. When I got to her I handed her my copy for signing-smiled and told her very quickly-youaremagnificentthankyouforyourbookeatprayloveitliftedmewhenIneededit.

I then handed her an envelope with a hand written note and the URL to this blog-saying”pleasetakealookatmyblogIknowyouwillloveit”.

Chances are good she threw it in the trash. But not certain.

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deep throat or orgasm

Okay now that I have your attention, I was at Sephora recently wanting to replace my blush. A friend had told me a long while ago that Nars had a great colour that would suit everyone called orgasm. I approached a darling salesgirl and told her I was looking for that (who isn’t). She took me to the appropriate counter and tried the colour out on me on my left cheek. Hmmm, she said in her best outdoor voice, I think you might be more of a deep throat. She proceeded to try that colour out on my right cheek.  I told her if she kept this up I might not need any blush at all as I was doing well on my own. As she was clearly a professional, she started calling on her colleagues in a loud voice “which one do you think she is? Deep throat or Orgasm?” We were drawing quite a crowd. I went with deep throat, a decision not requiring committee.

Many social commentaries have pointed to the idea that our society is overtly sexualized. I can’t imagine where they get that from.

I did not and could not possibly make this up. Life is stranger than fiction.

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