speed kills


my best friend and I talk about this problem all the time- we move too quickly, without thinking, we break things, hurt ourselves, spill stuff, put our feet in our mouths

of all the things I am that I would like to pass onto my kids – this is not one of them

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call me crazy

my family tree art studio for children fall 2012

I lost several hours of my life that I will never get back talking to various people at our mobile ‘service’ (?) provider all of who work for the same company and all of who have a very different story on everything.

They did all, however, concur on their feeling that I was nuts.

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fiesty angels in our midst

On the first day of art classes this term, a new student arrives – all of 5 years old- I put out my hand to shake hers to say ‘hello’ and I realize right away she only has one hand.
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