he is not the dad


I have to admit I did have the moment I wondered if I might, at the perfect magical beautiful wedding last weekend


As my date kept getting – you must be such a proud dad after my children sang at the ceremony and reception and we kept saying- “He is not the father” and pictures were taken of us and then – hey, lets get one with the dad and we kept pointing out- ‘Ummm, he is not the dad”

We laughed about it and had fun with it.

But it underlined  that thing I thought it might.

I am not with their dad at any of these big life things. I am on a date. Or alone.

It is not that I wish I was with their dad- it was, though, a little bit of wishing I could have begun all over again and chosen a mate for life- like some of those animals who get it right the first time.

To sit and witness  hope and love as pure as it is at a wedding of two young people in love, made me revisit some feelings I had pushed down. Or taken to the curb. Or the dump. Or the incinerator.



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foot in mouth


I am really good at this

I was given really small feet so I could get both of them in my mouth.

When I am really really excited I often blurt

When I am really really emotional I really blurt

well, that just about covers most days

When I am excited and emotional, I take no prisoners

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Wouldn’t it be easier if every change in our lives allowed us to have a holding tank until we were ready for it ?



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