the power of the kissing shirt



I have been writing to you for so long I cannot remember which stories I have actually shared with you.

But I love this one and the lesson it has taught me so much that I will repeat it if that is the case.

When I was 20 I had this soft, so soft, pale pink flannel  shirt. It was so soft and pretty. It had magic powers, or so I thought, if I wore it , I seemed to always get kissed.

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performance anxiety

Is it just me or is this a real problem for you too?

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staying up v.s. getting pulled down



This staying up v.s. getting pulled down is a struggle. Such a struggle, it likely burns many calories.

I am a happy, positive person almost to the point of the ridiculous at times-my accountant, broker, hairdresser, banker and even at one point years ago, therapist, may have all had good reason to argue why I should not feel as good as I do about myself and my place in the world – but I just do. I must.

Part of my fear is saying anything else about who I am makes me into whatever I say. If I say to myself I am of ugly heart, broken and unworthy, I will be. And the opposite works too.

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