before our time has run out


magnolia tree

Over a year ago my best friend and I drove up to her family cottage where her dad, a widower, was by himself for a week until his family would arrive for Christmas. We went to decorate the tree for him and make him lunch. Simple gestures for a good man alone.

I was happy she called on me to do this with her. I was happy I was smart enough to do it.

We laughed, teased, talked deep and caught up. Standard issue with him.

8 months later he died.

I loved him.

I am not intending to be morose. On the contrary.

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where are all the nice boys?

My firstborn asked me this a several years ago when she was starting high school.

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honing interview skills

A very long time ago, when I was still married, a friend was over and opened my fridge to get a beer.

Inside was a can of that really foul (fake) whip cream that my kids sometimes beg me to buy.

The friend said Look at you! So wild! 

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