spending out

I have long loved and embraced this notion but it does not come easily during difficult moments.

Spending out is pushing outward into the world what you yourself need. When life is a struggle and you are needing so much, that is precisely and ironically and surprisingly the moment that you need to give what you long for.

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be the best garbageman you can be

Remember when you were young and your mom said  I don’t care if you are a garbage man as long as you are the best garbage man you can be.

And you thought, Mom, are you full of crap?

And then you thought you sort of badly wanted to become one happy, fabulous garbage man just to see what she would say then?

Or at least date a happy, fabulous garbage man just to see mom’s reaction?

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how is your everything?

Of all the taboos we have broken down and pushed into acceptance – divorce, death, cancers, sexual orientation- mental health still remains the most stigmatized.

I heard a soundbite from my daytime companion, CBC radio, and I want to share it with you.

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