hey dad

Hey dad
It’s me your favourite daughter.

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Get ‘er

My dad had only one sibling, a brother, James, who died at 42 leaving 3 small children and my Aunt Jackie. I remember standing in the laundry room when my dad told me. I gave him a hug.  He had just been to tell  his mom that her youngest child had died suddenly. It almost killed him to do so. I think it was the only time I saw my dad cry.

I asked my cousins, who always called my dad Unk,  if they had any stories about my dad they might want to share. Tim, the fabulous middle child (ahem), who I adore adore adore, tells a story of his last visit with my dad. I won’t change his words. They are perfect.

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still hard

This was in the subject line of an email I received Saturday.

There was nothing written in the email.

Just a picture.

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