highway 1 syndrome

There are some things in life that underwhelm. Either the anticipation is too great or the myth around them creates unrealistic expectation- I call this the Mona Lisa Syndrome.

What I did last week surpassed any expectation I ever had.

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September 6

9 years ago on this date I separated.

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never say never and sleeping around part 2


The thought of spending the whole day wandering the streets of Paris until our flat was ready, after the overnight transatlantic flight, seemed a little tricky.

We ate a delicious lunch and you know the effect carbs have on exhaustion? I felt like I had been run over.

We went down to the Berges of the Seine, a new and fabulous development meant for play. For kilometres the banks have been developed for all ages and activity ranging from badminton, chess, skateboarding to biking and walking.

They even have Teepees. For kids birthday parties.

Perhaps you know where I am going with this.

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