When my children were little I used to look at mothers of teenagers and think ‘where do you get your joy?’  I dreaded the thought of my children growing up as I could not imagine motherhood getting any better.

And we all know what everyone has always said about teenagers.

Now they are teenagers and I have really loved each day with them better than the last. Like everything else in life – you have to give up to get.

They are and always will be my Christmas angels.

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good taste

(I had to include this picture- fabulous and unique taste and the other a complete absence of any taste)

ah good taste-what dreadful thing” Pablo Picasso

“sometimes it is more important to be human than to have good taste” Bertolt Brecht

“good taste is the worst vice to ever  invented” Dame Edith Sitwell

“I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best” Oscar Wilde

“I don’t believe in taste-only in personal likes and dislikes… You should like what you like and to hell with anything else” Betsey Johnson (I like this one and let’s remember she is a woman in her 60s now with pink hair and little schoolgirl frocks)

“good taste is better than bad taste but bad taste is better than no taste at all” -not sure if I agree on that one-check out quotes on bad taste on my other site by clicking here

so this is Christmas

When you grow up with brothers who called for years from   Shoppers Drug Mart on Christmas Eve at 6:15 at night  screaming “Is your skin oily or dry ?” because they had left all the  gift shopping until the very last minute- the slow trickle of lovely things that were well thought through, can feel really wonderful.

Just now there was a knock at the door – and all I could see above the window was a panda bear head , and a bunny rabbit head (you know the hats) and a long shoot of amaryllis and with it a promise of colour in January.

Hand made cards, a visit from two of my favourite little artists and a favourite winter flower. Hand delivered with pudgy hands and half toothed smiles.

So this is Christmas.

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